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31 Newland Street
OX29 4LB       

Tel /  (01865) 883093      


Ladles & Jelly-spoons I give you.....


(drum roll) - Mr Johnny Berry!

JB is a true local with a heart of pure gold. Ever one to champion support for local charities, animals and musicians!

Having JB as the new landlord of The White Hart is a true stroke of genius,. If ever a man knew what the local scene needs, well....JB is your man.

Expect lively and entertaining nights and stories that defy belief - he's The Guv!

...oh, and he plays a mean guitar too!

Johnny's partner in this venture is Gervase Wood.

Gervase has been gently marinaded in the wine business over the last thirty years.


Gervase progressed from an alcoholic baptism with Oddbins,  to become Cellarer at one of the less stuffy Oxford Colleges. Most recently he been Butler at an Oxford college of a more formal nature.

Together Johnny & Gervase have all the basses (guitars actually - apologies, dreadful pun) covered and are set to take The White Hart to new levels ...

This will be fun!

Johnny Berry

Gervase Wood